Kailyn Lowry Wants Javi Marroquin Out of Her House ASAP in Heartbreaking Clip


Talk about awkward! In a sneak peek clip for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry kicks Javi Marroquin out of the house they used to share together, and the whole thing is entirely uncomfortable.


We get that they're exes now, and stuff went down between them that we'll never know the full gist of, but Kail seems to be downright rude to her soon-to-be ex-husband during this exchange.

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Javi stopped by to get his mail after getting home from an overseas deployment, and Kail couldn't get him out of there fast enough -- and of course demanded his keys back before he went anywhere else.


After Kailyn handed Javi a huge pile of mail, he took a seat at the counter and started to riffle through it. To which Kail rolled her eyes and asked, "Can you NOT open all of your mail here? Can you go to like a hotel and open it?"

Javi asked if they could just sit down for a little bit, but Kail denied the request and reminded him that he didn't live there anymore and asked for his keys back. Javi said that he'd get them back to her later, but she demanded them then and there, and even re-checked the locks after watching him do it in front of the MTV camera crew.

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Since this was filmed, Kail and Javi have gone on to say they're functioning well as co-parents of their 3-year-old son Lincoln, and despite occasionally throwing each other under the bus with thinly veiled cheating accusations, they have actually said some supportive things about the other.

But it's obvious from the clip that their split was just as rocky as their marriage was. Here's to hoping they can keep things civil for the kids.

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