Ali Fedotowsky Says What We've All Been Thinking About Corinne Olympios


It may still be early in Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, but it's pretty clear Corinne is our newest villain, especially after her behavior on Monday night's episode. And now, one Bach alum is finally saying what we're all thinking about her. This week, Ali Fedotowsky blogged about Corinne, and she made a lot of good points. 


After seeing Corinne pulling out all the stops (including whipped cream) to get Nick's attention, most viewers would probably admit their snap judgment about her pretty much revolves around how obnoxious she comes across. But Ali is totally right in pointing out that it would be heartbreaking for her daughter to act like Corinne does someday, and it makes us a little sad for her -- as jealous as we are that Corinne's an adult with a nanny!

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Ali writes: 

I couldn't help but feel so sorry for her. She just took off all her clothes and threw herself at a man hoping she could win him over by doing that. Little did she know, Nick wouldn't fall for her plan and in the nicest way he could, he rejected her advances. I can't imagine how horrible that must have made her feel. Look, it's her own fault, I get that completely. But for her to think that this is the way she wins a man's affection when he's clearly not in a monogamous relationship with her, I find that truly sad. Like heartbreakingly sad.

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This is definitely something we hadn't thought about before, but it makes a lot of sense. There has to be a reason that Corinne employs the tricks to get Nick alone that she does, and we have a feeling it might go a little deeper than simply wanting to score camera time on a reality show.

Ali adds: 

Corinne's tears really struck a cord with me. She reminded me of a girl that had just slept with a guy and woke up the next morning hating herself. I've been there. I know many women have. I truly hope Corinne realizes that she can attract a man with so much more than her sexuality.

We feel the same way. There's more to Corinne than the way she looks, especially if she manages to run a mutlimillion dollar company like she says she does! She should give Nick a chance to get to know that side of her, too. 

Maybe we'll see her change over the rest of the season? We hope so, even if that may not be too likely. 

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