Moms, Rejoice! New PBS Channel Aims to Make Tuning into Kids' Shows Even Easier

PBS launches PBS Kids, a new 24/7 TV and live-streaming platform

PBS has been a go-to resource for so many parents over the years (decades even), and now, the beloved organization is expanding its reach in a pretty awesome and amazing way. In case you didn't hear the good news, PBS has launched the PBS Kids channel that will feature around-the-clock educational programming children can access whenever and wherever. That's right: Elmo and Caillou basically on demand.


Not only will families have 24/7 access to their favorite PBS children shows on PBS Kids (PBS stations across the country have already begun making this channel available with hopes all viewers can access it by year's end), but they can also watch episodes digitally thanks to live-streaming capabilities on the PBS Kids Video App (free) and online at

PBS also plans to take the learning experience to the next level with an integrated game feature (available sometime this year) that will give children the opportunity to switch between the show they're watching and a corresponding educational activity.

Sounds great, right?

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Paula A. Kerger, PBS president and CEO, is excited for the organization's new initiative and believes it will become a vital resource for families everywhere. "With the launch of the multi-platform 24/7 PBS Kids channel, all of America's children will be able to access our trusted educational content anywhere, anytime and through any device," Kerger said last weekend at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. She continued:

As the only free national 24/7 kids' TV service in the US, the PBS Kids channel will be a game changer for all families -- especially our nation’s most underserved, many of whom do not attend preschool and rely solely on over-the-air television for media content.

In addition to the new channel and online capabilities, families should also mark their calendars for April 21, as PBS plans to roll out "PBS Kids Family Night" on Fridays for households to enjoy movies and special programming.

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As a mom of 3- and 1½-year-old boys, I will say that PBS is a staple -- an absolute must -- in my home. My kiddos love watching Sesame StreetThomas & Friends, and dare I mention Caillou (don't judge me) during their screen time each day and will likely get a kick out of PBS Kids and the integrated games online as they get older.

PBS Kids sounds like a wonderful opportunity that's accessible to everyone. Though the PBS Sprout channel and the PBS Kids app do exist, not every household has cable (or wants to pay such a high bill each month) or access to a smartphone to download and enjoy the apps. This alone will likely make PBS Kids a lifesaver for so many families looking for fun and child-friendly television shows that offer educational programming their kids can put to good use.

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... Plus, it certainly doesn't hurt to have PBS Kids as an option on the days your little ones aren't in daycare or school.

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