Jeremy Calvert Is So Over MTV's Manipulative Editing


Oh man, someone has had it with MTV editing! Jeremy Calvert lashed out about deceitful Teen Mom 2 editing this week, and if what he's saying is true, then we can't blame him a bit.


On Monday night's episode of the show, it seemed as though Jeremy took his and Leah Messer's 3-year-old daughter Addie out of state without her consent. Leah was pretty frantic about it, and tried to get ahold of Jer to no avail. By the time they got on the phone, he was pretty upset with her and said that he had communicated with her. 

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However, Calvert asserted on social media after the episode aired that MTV used some creative editing. "The phone conversations you all witnessed tonight were taken a week later when I was already in West Virginia," he alleged in an Instagram video. "MTV, all they want to do is stir the pot and cause more drama that was unnecessary because we already hashed out the issue."

The issue was that Jeremy had taken Addie from West Virginia to Ohio, while WV was undergoing disastrous flooding. But even on the show, Leah admitted that Jer had texted him about taking Addie to Ohio.

Jeremy further clarified the issue, saying, "About me leaving West Virginia and not updating Leah about my travels with our child, I texted her at 6:24 p.m. and did not get a text message back until 9:38 p.m. when I was already in Ohio ... I'm not waiting around three hours for my ex-wife to respond to me and say, 'Yes you can take our child to Ohio or not during a disaster.'"

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He asserted that MTV's editing was a "bunch of bull***t," and done to "bring it back up to have some good drama for TV and get ratings through the roof."

We're not exactly surprised that MTV used some creative editing to add some drama to the show. We're just glad that Addie's parents apparently got it all worked out. And we won't be surprised if we eventually don't see Jer at all on the show. He and MTV don't seem to be BFF at the moment.

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