Leah Messer Accused of Putting Daughter Ali's Health in Jeopardy

Leah Messer

Since Leah Messer first welcomed twins Ali and Aleeah into the world, she's had a pretty difficult journey into motherhood -- and not just because she had twins as a teen. Ali's disability has turned her life upside down, but is Leah handling it the right way? Recently, some fans shamed Leah for not following Ali's doctor's orders, and they might have a point. 


On last week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah took Ali to the doctor for a checkup. While they were there, the doctor told them that Ali needs to wear a helmet when she's not in her wheelchair because of how often she's falling down. However, Leah didn't keep the helmet on Ali because Ali didn't want to wear it. 

And now some fans are pretty upset that Leah could be putting Ali in danger by ignoring the doctor's instructions. After the episode aired, several of them took to Twitter to call Leah out for her parenting choices, and it's not pretty. 

So far, Leah has only responded to one fan who was angry about what happened in that scene, and hasn't remarked on why Ali wasn't wearing her helmet: 

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We can totally understand why fans would be concerned about Ali, but it's hard to put ourselves in Leah's shoes. Without actually being the parent of child with disabilities, it's impossible to imagine what it must be like. 

Besides, we seriously doubt Leah would intentionally put her daughter in danger. It's pretty obvious how much she loves that little girl, so maybe we should trust her to do what's right for now. And if not? Hopefully, Ali's doctor will be able to get through to her about how important the helmet is during a future visit. We don't want Ali to get hurt, either! 

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