'Bachelor' Nick Viall's Final Pick Couldn't Be Any More Obvious

Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor may just be starting to heat up, but there's already a pretty clear front-runner -- and no, we're not talking about Corinne Olympios, even though she definitely has our guy's attention. Nope, we're pretty sure Vanessa Grimaldi has a shot at being Nick's final pick, and their date on Monday night's episode is what convinced us. 


Hanging out in a zero gravity plane, with a zero gravity makeout session? Yeah, sign us up. And even though it made Vanessa super nauseous to the point of puking, Nick still wanted a smooch -- that's a sign of real love blossoming if we've ever seen it! 

And during their dinner together, they really seemed to connect, beyond a "reality TV love story" kind of way that we see so often on this show. It's pretty clear that Nick is intrigued by her, and this is just the first date. 

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We know, we know -- Nick's attention was definitely on Corinne at the pool party at the end of the ep, but do you seriously think that she's who he'll end up with? We could totally see him choosing someone like Vanessa, who's older, more mature, and seems to have her life together. Corinne seems like the most fun, but from everything we've seen from Nick, she doesn't really seem like his type. 

Plus, Vanessa's a total catch. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also speaks three languages and she's a special education teacher. Add that to the fact that she somehow manages to remain so cool and poised in a crazy environment like the one The Bachelor creates, and we're pretty convinced she's superhuman. Who could be better for our main man?! 

We can't wait to find out if Vanessa is who Nick chooses, but from what we know about her so far, we think she definitely should be, as long as she doesn't decide she's fed up with the drama after everything that's happened with Corinne. Don't let this one get away, Nick! 

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