Mackenzie Douthit Makes a Sad Confession About Her Marriage


It looks like things are going from bad to worse. Mackenzie (Douthit) McKee is addressing those affair rumors, after her hubby Josh accused her of being less than faithful on Facebook last week.


The Teen Mom 3 star opened up to Radar Online about talking to another man, but she insists that it was totally innocent. Well, maybe not completely innocent, but according to the mom of three, they did not sleep together.

"There was a guy I was texting, but there was no flirting or affair," she insisted to the outlet. "I didn't do that. His ex-wife found out and sent Josh a message. That is what he's going off of."

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Last week, Josh posted a note on his private Facebook page accusing his wife of cheating on him. Fans asked Mackenzie on social media if it was true, but she denied that she had strayed from her hubby.

But it looks like not everything is A-OK in paradise. According to Mackenzie, Josh has moved out of the family home. She admitted to Radar, "I don't know what Josh is going to do. He said he is going to divorce me several times. I hope he can calm down and talk to me."

Mack said that her postpartum depression following her infant son Broncs's monthlong stay in the NICU prompted the problems in her marriage. She said that her PPD pushed Josh away, and "he hated who I became."

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She heartbreakingly confessed her suicidal thoughts, and shared with Radar, "He said, 'I don't love you, you're crazy.' I was suicidal. He said, 'Go kill yourself, but don't do it in front of me and the kids.'"

It was during that rough bout that she admittedly conversed with the other man, but she told the site, "I never wanted to be with that guy or talked about being with him. He's in a serious relationship and that is not who I am."

Thankfully, Mackenzie has been in therapy to deal with all of this, and admits that she's fervently praying for resolution in her life. As for her and Josh? That's anybody's guess. "Right now I'm not sure what's going to happen," she admitted to Radar. "It's really fresh and really hard. I'm giving it to God and praying."

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