Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's Divorce Announcement Breaks Isaac's Heart


Talk about an emotional roller coaster! On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, we got hit hard in the feels -- from Kail and Javi's official divorce announcement, to Chelsea and Cole announcing Baby DeBoer's presence to the world.


But first up we had Jenelle Evans, who was still on vacation with David Eason, her son Jace, and David's daughter Maryssa. Kaiser was spending time with his dad, Nathan Griffith, per his and Jenelle's brand new court order.

While on the road, Jenelle and David talked about how much they wished they had full custody of Jace (whose guardian is Barbara Evans, Jenelle's mom) when Babs gave her daughter a call. Of course it ended with their yelling at each other over who should have custody of the 7-year-old. Hopefully that situation gets figured out soon, because it's obviously pretty stressful on everyone involved.

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Leah Messer was without one of her children too, as Addie was with Jeremy Calvert. Jer has been away on a job, but he came home after the emergency flooding in West Virginia, and got to spend some time with his 3-year-old.

Only he decided to take her to Ohio and then go MIA after a single text message to Leah about it. When he and Leah finally did connect, he exploded at her that she was always trying to say that he didn't communicate, and he had totally texted her that he was taking their toddler to another state. While their own state was in a state of emergency. Gee, we have no idea why Leah was upset.

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But the big heartbreak of the episode was the interaction between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. Javi got back from an overseas deployment, and although he left Delaware a married man and father of two (his son Lincoln and his stepson Isaac), he came home a single dad of one.

Kail and Javi decided to divorce, which left a lot of questions in the air about his continuing relationship with Isaac. Jo Rivera met with Kail and made sure that his wishes for the brothers to see each other as much as possible were known, but Isaac had a really hard time understanding why he wouldn't have his own room at Javi's new house. All the sadness!

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Even though it was a rough time for Kail and crew, we couldn't have been more thrilled for Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer, Cole, and little Aubree as they got medical confirmation that her little bun in the oven was growing up strong and healthy in the first trimester!

Chels and Cole got their first ultrasound picture, and decided to share the news with the world on social media. It was so sweet to see how nervous the soon-to-be mom of two was to let everyone know she was expecting, and so cool to see how positive the response was. That lady deserves nothing but positive vibes.

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