Corinne Olympios Is Nick Viall's Worst Nightmare & He Doesn't Even Know It

Rick Rowell/ABC

If you weren't already convinced that this season of The Bachelor is the Corinne show, this week's episode probably did it for you. On Monday's installment, Corinne proved that she's not letting anyone stand in her way, and she's willing to do anything -- literally anything! -- to make sure of that.


In fact, her antics started right at the beginning of the episode, when she stripped down to her undies under a trench coat. We couldn't believe it when she pulled out the whipped cream, but then again, maybe we should have expected it. 

However, we have to love her for sleeping through the rose ceremony. That may have been an absolute first for this show, and we are here for it. She had her rose, and she didn't care to put on the cocktail dress and show up to see who else got one. You have to admire that kind of confidence!

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She might have been a little discouraged for the rest of the ep -- being that Nick actually has to spend time with the other contestants and all -- but she didn't let that get her down! During the pool party, she got Nick alone for what looked like a long time in a moon bounce, and they got real physical.  

Oh, and she managed to piss off the rest of the contestants in the process ... so much so that it actually created a cliffhanger ending. We're not sure if this drama is enough to make anyone reconsider their relationship with Nick, though it looks like the war on Corinne is officially on. But if we had to guess? She's probably pretty willing to fight back. You know, if she can stay awake long enough to! 

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