'Bachelor' Alum Becca Tilley Discusses the Status of Her Virginity


She may have made waves as an outspoken virgin on a popular reality dating show -- but has she kept up her vow of premarital chastity? Becca Tilley recently commented on the state of her virginity, a month after confirming her relationship with a fellow Bachelor Nation star.


Tilley let it drop in December that she and Robert Graham had begun dating, and apparently they're keeping everything above the sheets. Yup, the 28-year-old is still saving herself for marriage, and she recently shared that her beau is 100 percent supportive of her decision.

At a Bachelor charity event this week, Becca told Us Weekly, "He is very respectful in every aspect of our relationship, so you know, that's something I was obviously very vocal about on the show." Graham added, "We've talked about it. It was an open discussion, so there was an understanding."

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Becca also chimed in about her thoughts on Christen Whitney, who is currently competing for Nick Viall's heart on this season of The Bachelor. Christen has been vocal about her V-card, much like Becca was on her season.

Tilley said, "She just comes right out the gate, lets everyone know. No one has to guess. I think people make a big deal about people being overly sexual or whatever, so I think it's important to bring both aspects of it, to show there are people on both sides of it who are normal and not sitting in a room by themselves."

Back to Graham, Becca admitted that she's still "learning how to be in a relationship." Apparently her new love makes it easy though, as she added, "He's very romantic. He's so good. It stresses me out a little bit because I'm like, what do I do now?"

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It looks like the infatuation goes both directions. Robert said of his lady, "I love Becca's smile. I love her personality. Her family's actually pretty incredible. I like her family a lot. She's just a genuine person, which is pretty rare."

It just goes to show that a couple doesn't have to have sex in order to get to know each other and assess their compatibility. It looks like these two are totally smitten!

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