Jeremy Calvert Flips Out on Leah Messer in New 'Teen Mom 2' Clip


When it comes to co-parenting battles, we've seen a lot between Leah Messer and Corey Simms, but her relationship with Jeremy Calvert has always been a lot more easygoing -- until now. In a new clip from Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy totally freaks out at Leah, and we're really surprised he acted that way! 


All Leah wants to do is talk to Jeremy while Addie is staying with him in Ohio, but apparently, that's too much for Jeremy. After he misses her first call, he calls her back, and when he does, he's really pissed -- like, surprisingly pissed. 


Basically, Leah wants more communication from him when he has Addie with him, and Jeremy is fed up because he thinks he's communicating enough with her by sending text message updates. Ultimately, he ends up hanging up on her, and obviously, that makes Leah pretty mad. 

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We totally get where she's coming from -- it has to be scary not to get in touch with the person your child is with, even if he's her dad, and especially if they're staying somewhere out of state. Everything we've seen from Jeremy on the show shows that he's a good, responsible dad, but we can't blame her for worrying.

Hopefully, these two are able to work it out soon. With Jeremy working far away so often, there's going to be a lot of complicated issues that come up when he needs to spend time with Addie. We just hope they don't start arguing like this all the time! 

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