One of Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Contestants Is Rumored to Be Pregnant


We've heard a lot of crazy rumors about The Bachelor so far this season, but this one definitely has to be one of the craziest. A new report claims that Nick Viall knocked up one of his contestants -- and she's not the one he gets engaged to at the end of the season. What?! 


According to what a source says in a recent story in Life & Style (via The Hollywood Gossip), one of the women from this season currently thinks she's pregnant and that Nick is the father -- and his bride-to-be has no idea any of this happened. The source doesn't offer any specific details, like who this mystery girl could be, but it obviously sounds like a pretty sticky situation. 

The source adds that Nick "definitely tried to make moves on every single girl" this season, and "some of the women went to first base, some second base and others hit a home run." Yikes! 

Of course, we're dying to know who this contestant could be, since Nick already seems to have a lot of chemistry with several of the ladies, even though it's still early on. Hmm ...

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The source also told the site: 

Nick definitely sleeps with his three finalists and one other girl, and there are probably at least a few more. When the booze is constantly flowing, protection is not usually on people's minds. And while there are always condoms in the house, with all the drinking going on, there's really no remembering if they were actually used. The winner is already not happy about what a pig Nick has been. Nick has slept with a good chunk of the contestants but she fell in love with him for other reasons. 

Our Nick, a pig?! We don't want to believe it -- and we really don't want to believe this story. For his sake (and the sake of his winner), we really hope it isn't true -- even though it would make great television. Guess we'll have to wait and see! 

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