Chelsea DeBoer Shares Incredible Video of Her Baby Moving in Her Belly


One of the many things we love about Chelsea DeBoer? Since she's gone public with her pregnancy, she's kept us updated on all the details about her very first son -- even though he's not even here yet! And now, she's sharing something else personal with her followers. On Thursday, Chelsea shared a video of her baby moving around in her belly, and it's crazy to see! 


Chelsea posted the video on Instagram, and it's kind of wild to see how active her baby's being -- even though she mentioned in her caption that this was an example of a particularly busy night for him! In the vid, you can see her baby moving around, and you can see him pushing on her stomach from the outside. 

Some call it weird, some call it cool -- either way, we love that Chelsea has decided to share moments like this with us. We can't get enough of her and her adorable fam! 

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And if you're just as obsessed with Chelsea's kids as we are, it's about to get even better. Being that her due date is just one month away, we have a feeling the photos and videos are going to seriously ramp up very soon when her little one comes into the world, and we can't wait! 

Now, we just need to know what name Chelsea and Cole have chosen for their son -- come on, guys! We're dying over here! 

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