Josh McKee Seemingly Accuses Mackenzie Douthit of Cheating


The relationships of the Teen Mom crowd have been through the wringer lately, and now, it sounds like we could have another breakup on our hands soon. Apparently this week, Josh McKee basically accused wife Mackenzie Douthit of cheating on him, and in a really public way. 


According to Wetpaint, Josh blasted Mackenzie on Facebook, saying that he's been suspicious of her for a while and has just found out those suspicions aren't unfounded. He doesn't outright say that she cheated, but that's definitely what the post implies. 

Here's what he said in the post, which was reportedly taken from his private Facebook page: 

Found out something very interesting yesterday. If you have a strong gut feeling that something is going on don't be blind. Well for me at least. And this post is not to get sympathy or any of that sh*t. But my so called wife always feels like it necessary to go on her social media and post sh*t that makes her look like a god damn princess and she has no faults and she wants everyone to see her pitty excuse and soothe her with comfort. First things first -- that's bullsh*t. I have been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something is going on while I'm gone, come to find out I have always been right! Enough said! 


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And it wasn't long after Josh's post that fans began asking Mackenzie if it was true on Twitter. And her response? She seems to be denying it.

This isn't the first time that Mackenzie and Josh have had major issues in their marriage, so there's always a chance they'll work things out -- especially if Josh actually is wrong about what he thinks is going on. Hopefully, whatever the situation is gets resolved soon. They have a newborn to take care of! 

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