Jeremy Calvert Returns to Twitter With Unexpected Exchange With Leah Messer


He's back! Jeremy Calvert returned to Twitter this week and took the opportunity to share a super cute father-daughter pic. The Teen Mom 2 star shares 3-year-old daughter Addie with ex Leah Messer, and given his recent social media exchange with Leah, it looks like they're co-parenting with aplomb.


After months of being MIA on the platform, Jer posted this sweet selfie with his daughter. He added the caption, "This is my one and only care in the world."

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Although Leah has been somewhat frustrated on the show so far this season with Jeremy's (lack of) involvement with their daughter, it looks like things are getting back to normal and they're as close as ever. Jer took a job several states away from their West Virginia hometown, and Addie was missing her daddy terribly.

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But Leah re-posted Jeremy's tweet, and added that Addie is "head over hills about her daddy." Unfortunately, her tweet went out with the auto-correct, but she quickly caught her mistake.

Jeremy bantered back to her, "Jesus christ the grammer nazis already here we go." It looks like these two have been able to develop a friendly co-parenting relationship, which of course is amazing for little Addie.

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Leah has even expressed her excitement over Jeremy's engagement with Brooke Wehr, which isn't necessarily something we would've expected from her in years past. It just goes to show how far these two have come that they can have an open, friendly, and supportive relationship for the sake of their daughter.

After all, she's what really matters in all of this.

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