Former 'Bachelor' Star Takes a Major Dig at Nick Viall's Moves in Bed

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Well this may explain a lot. Nick Viall apparently sucks in bed, which could be the reason why he keeps getting dumped. Or the real reason Liz refused to give him her phone number after Jade and Tanner's wedding.


On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, Nick sent Liz Sandoz packing after they finally had a chat about why she was really there. The two had met nine months prior to filming, when she was Jade Roper's maid of honor at her wedding with Tanner Tolbert. Nick was in attendance as well, and as we heard ad nauseam in the first two episodes of this season, Liz and Nick hooked up for sex that night.

Nick apparently asked for her number the next morning, but she refused to give it. When she finally cornered Nick on the show this week, he seemed to believe that she was only after the TV fame, and not him, given that she'd rejected him months before and hadn't reached out during that time.

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We can't pretend to know Liz's true motivation for going on the show, but if we go with some subtle shade thrown by her BFF Jade on Twitter, we can speculate as to why she was so unwilling to give Nick her digits after they hooked up.

As Wetpaint points out, Jade was live-tweeting the episode, and when someone tagged her in a post about Nick being a total fail beneath the sheets, she liked the tweet. The tweet read, "Maybe he sucked in bed and didn't want her telling everyone."

You know, Nick did let her go about two seconds after he found out that she had told at least one other person that they had had sex. Hmmm ... It would also seem to confirm what Andi Dorfman said about him after she infamously slept with him before dumping him on national TV.

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In Andi's tell-all book, It's Not Okay, she wrote of her former lover, "All of the kissing and groping and chemistry we had atop the sheets just wasn't the same underneath them."

Poor Nick. It looks like his secret may be out. Here's to hoping that the right girl will find just the right chemistry with him to make some fireworks.

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