Nathan Griffith Gets Brutally Honest About His Feelings for Jenelle Evans

Nathan Griffith

If you ever thought there was a chance that Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans would find their way back to each other, consider that idea squashed! Nathan proclaimed he's never getting back together with Jenelle, and honestly? It's probably for the best -- for everyone involved.


In an interview with The Dirty, Nathan opened up about the current state of his relationship with Jenelle, and it sounds like they'll never be anything but co-parents again. As Nathan tells it, Jenelle has been telling people that he wants her back, and he says that's absolutely not true -- especially now that she's pregnant with David Eason's baby.

Nathan told the site:

I would never want Jenelle back or take her back. After I left her, she got pregnant with David's child instead of focusing on herself and the two children she had, one of which is mine. Even if she wanted me back -- as much as I love children -- why would I want to go back to help her raise another man's child? It doesn't make any sense. I have dated women with kids and I love kids. I would love helping someone with their child. But this situation is different.

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Yeah, um ... that sounds like a plan to us. His relationship with Jenelle was loud, full of drama, and occasionally violent, and that's not healthy for anyone, especially not their baby, Kaiser. Besides, Jenelle seems so happy with David that we doubt she's thinking about trying again with Nathan, anyway.

Nathan also mentioned that he's done dating "crazy girls" from here on out. We don't know if "crazy" is the right word to describe it, but we'd agree that his last few relationships definitely haven't worked out for him.

Whatever happens next, we hope it's what's best for both of them. After all the drama they've been through in their relationship and their custody battle, they deserve a break! 

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