Everything We've Learned About the Final 10 Episodes of 'Pretty Little Liars'

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Pretty Little Liars has taken its loyal fandom on a wild ride over the past seven years, with twists and turns no one ever saw coming -- not even the cast. But as the show prepares to take its final bow in its last 10 episodes, premiering April 18 on Freeform, we're left wondering: How are they going to wrap everything up in 10 episodes?


Brace yourselves, because while the executive producers promise the journey to the end is a "love letter to the fans," it's going to have all of the bumps and hurdles you expect from PLL. Here's what CafeMom learned during Disney-ABC's Pretty Little Liars panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour:

1. Some couples will get their happy ending.

While the producers wouldn't clue us in on exactly who gets their happily ever after in love, I. Marlene King admits she is personally a hopeless romantic, and that means good things for some of our favorite PLL couples. "As much as [fans have] enjoyed the mystery of the show, they've enjoyed the romance as well," she says. "So I think that the couples who are meant to be together will find their way back together."

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2. Don't expect the "nice" version of Alison (Sasha Pieterse) to go away.

"I think she really does evolve. I think there really is a redemptive quality," says executive producer Oliver Goldstick. "There's so much more insight into her family in these last 10 episodes. You'll know a lot more about the DiLaurentises, so I think a lot of Alison's behavior is, if not forgivable, it's certainly comprehensible. You'll understand a lot of why she did what she did."

3. "A" has a creepy gift for the girls.

In the first of the final 10 episodes, the gang receives a board game from "A" that they must play to the end and the stakes are high. "'A' loves to give us presents," quips Sasha Pieterse.

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4. There will be a musical number.

"First of all, this is an incredibly talented group of actors," says Goldstick. "All of them have incredible, different talents, and singing happens to be one of them. And I thought it was a shame that we didn't utilize that. And we found a way to platform it in one of the episodes in the last 10. So you'll have a musical number."

5. No one is ruling out a reunion.

We know the book hasn't even officially closed on PLL yet, but naturally the question of whether a reunion could happen has already been asked. Good news -- it isn't out of the question. In fact, Shay Mitchell already has some ideas. "Let's go somewhere exotic, get off the Warner Bros. lot," she suggests. "Not that it's not amazing, but we want to travel."

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6. You will see a lot of familiar faces in the final 10 eps.

"We really are a family," says King. "We're a community. And people who are [now] on other shows begged their producers and their networks to let them come. Everybody worked really hard to bring themselves back."

7. There will be another time jump.

Yes, the series will travel in time once more. But this time only a one-year skip.

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