Leah Messer in Hot Water for Leaving Her Kids to Party in Miami


She must have missed the memo that once you're a mom, you're never allowed to have fun again. Leah Messer got criticized for taking a girls' weekend recently, ostensibly because she dared to leave her three children in the care of their dads.


The Teen Mom 2 star posted a selfie from her Miami girls' weekend, and according to The Hollywood Gossip, commenters were quick to rake her over the coals for ditching her kiddos. Leah mentioned in the caption that the trip was "much needed," and someone had the gall to respond, "Much needed, that's what you always say when you don't even take care of your girls."

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Leah has had a notoriously tough time in the past managing the day-to-day struggles of parenting, but ever since she went to rehab for a month in 2015 to learn better coping skills, she's really been getting her life together.

Since then, she's won joint custody of her twins with ex Corey Simms (after losing primary custody for a bit), and she has her 3-year-old daughter Addie the majority of the time while Jeremy Calvert travels frequently for work.

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The girls were most likely being cared for by their dads while Leah enjoyed a weekend away, and there's nothing wrong with that. All moms need time away with girlfriends to recharge their batteries -- reality stars included.

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