Jeremy Calvert Is About to Become MTV's Worst Nightmare

Teen Mom 2
may have only been back on our screens for a couple of weeks, but it sounds like the stars are already getting upset about the way they're being portrayed on the show -- again. This time, Jeremy Calvert went on a rant about MTV's editing, and he's pretty fed up! 


And this time, it wasn't just through a series of tweets, either. Nope, after last week's premiere, Addie's dad decided to take to Instagram to share his thoughts via video. 

If you caught last Monday's episode, you already know that although Jeremy didn't get much screen time, his ex-wife and baby mama, Leah Messer, was pretty upset that he was going out of town for months for work and wouldn't see their daughter very much. It sounds like Jeremy doesn't like the way that made him look as a dad, and now he's fighting back. 

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Yep, that's right -- according to Jeremy, we can expect scene-by-scene explanations of what happened on the show vs. what happened in real life from now on. Although he isn't starting with this week's ep, it sounds like next week, we'll be getting Jeremy's side of the story. 

We have to admit that we're definitely interested in what he'll have to say. MTV has been called out by so many Teen Mom stars over the past year that it's surprising the editing issue is still going on, but if it makes good TV and the ratings are there, we have a feeling that's what they're more concerned with.

We're waiting for your review, Jer. We can't wait to find out what's real and what's fake in the rest of this season's episodes -- according to Jeremy, anyway. 

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