Cheslea DeBoer & Taylor Halbur Team Up to Get to the Bottom of Adam Lind's Lies


High tension this week on Teen Mom 2! It seemed like Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, and Chelsea DeBoer all had reasons to be stressed in this episode -- but thankfully they all made it through, and even managed to resolve some issues.


Kailyn and Javi were still playing the waiting game back when this was filmed ... Javi was on overseas deployment for the air force at the time, and even though their marriage was pretty much over, they were both waiting for him to get back before officially addressing divorce.

Kail also spent time scheduling summer school classes in order to graduate with a four-year degree sooner rather than later. She enlisted Isaac's dad Jo Rivera to help with school pickups so that she could go to class and earn her diploma. Once she graduates, she'll be the first Teen Mom star to earn a bachelor's! Way to go, Kail.

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Chelsea DeBoer met up with Taylor Halbur at the gym to discuss their mutual deadbeat daddy, Adam Lind. Lind is the father to Chelsea's daughter Aubree, 7, and Taylor's daughter's daughter Paislee, 3. On a recent episode of the show, Adam claimed that he had 50 percent custody of Pais, but Taylor wanted the record set straight -- he only had his younger daughter every other weekend. Yeah, we're not exactly shocked Adam lied.

Chels also had a sweet family time with Cole and Aubs, when Aubree had a show at school that involved looking adorable and singing a handful of songs with her peers. MTV cameras weren't allowed inside, but Aubs gave the crew a replay when they all went out for ice cream afterward.

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Leah Messer had to deal with both of her ex-husbands this week. First up, she had to take Ali to the doctor to talk about her muscular dystrophy. They put Corey Simms on the phone to hear what the doc had to say about Ali's prognosis, and unfortunately it wasn't great news. He recommended that Ali spend more time in her motorized wheelchair while at home, and that she wear a helmet when not using it to avoid potential head injuries.

Meanwhile, Addie's dad Jeremy Calvert has been on a long-term assignment for his job as a pipe liner, and the 3-year-old had a bit of meltdown on FaceTime when she saw his girlfriend Brooke and assumed he was home. Here's to hoping this daddy and daughter get some real face time soon!

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Poor Jenelle Evans was back in court again this week -- this time dealing with custody issues over Kaiser, her 2-year-old son with Nathan Griffith. The judge granted partial custody to Nate, giving him the first, third, and fourth weekends of each month.

Nate made an effort to see Kai almost immediately, which the toddler seemed to enjoy immensely. As screwed up as Nathan may be, we're glad that Kaiser is at least getting some good daddy bonding time. After all, Kaiser is what really matters in all of this.

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