Jenelle Evans & David Eason Fight Over Nathan in New 'Teen Mom 2' Clip


The custody battle between Jenelle Evans and her ex, Nathan Griffith -- and the drama that follows it -- may never come to an end. But could all that negativity be seeping into her current relationship, too? In a new clip from tonight's Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and David argue over Nathan, and it's definitely not pretty.


In the clip, Jenelle is out with David when she gets a text from Nathan, asking if he can have Kaiser for the weekend. Jenelle tells him that she won't hand their kiddo over until their visitation arrangements have been officially instituted, but it seems like she's pretty impressed that Nathan even asked for Kaiser in the first place.

As for David? He's not convinced, and he's not shy about letting Jenelle know it. 

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We get David's point about Jenelle not letting Nathan walk all over her, but we also understand Jenelle's too. She and Nathan are raising a child together, so isn't it better if they can get to a place in their relationship that's friendly and peaceful?

Hopefully this is something Jenelle and David can get past, since Nathan won't be going anywhere anytime soon. And for Kaiser's sake, we hope this season brings Nathan around more often. He obviously loves his daddy!

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