Leah Messer Has Unexpected Reaction to Jeremy Calvert's Engagement News


Well, she handled that a lot better than we might have expected! In a bonus clip for Teen Mom 2, we get to watch Leah Messer react to news that Jeremy Calvert got engaged, and honestly, she was a total champ.


Jeremy and Brooke Wehr got engaged several months ago, but since the show is still catching up to real time, we're finally getting to see how some of this played out in real life for the cast members. Since Leah once publicly flirted with the idea of getting back together with Jer after their divorce, we had no idea if she was going to take it well or not.

While in the car with her and Jeremy's 3-year-old daughter Addie and a girlfriend, Leah casually mentioned about her ex, "I guess he got engaged on his vacation, I mean he was like 'yeah, I got engaged,' but then he was like 'I mean, it's just engaged, it's not that serious,' like okay!"

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Leah explained that she did think it was a big deal, saying, "I was like, 'that's the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with and you know that, and that's great.'" She also added to her friend with sincerity, "I just hope this is serious."


As for the mom of three (she also has twin daughter Ali and Aleeah with Corey Simms), she seems pretty content just to be on her own. Chatting away in the backseat, Addie said that she thought her mom should have a boyfriend. "I'm my own boyfriend," Leah retorted.

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We're so glad that Leah is in such a good place. After all her struggles with her mental health over the past couple of years, it's refreshing to see her handle life's little challenges with such grace.

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