'Bachelor' Villain Corinne Gets Real About Her Topless Photo Shoot With Nick

Rick Rowell/ABC

From the moment she stepped out of that limo during Monday night's Bachelor premiere, it seemed pretty clear that Corinne Olympios's fate was sealed as the official villain of Nick Viall's season. Oh, and remember the risqué photo shoot we saw a clip of in the season promo? Yeah, Corinne says her dad would be proud she posed topless with Nick. What?! 


After the premiere ended, we got to see an extended preview of what the rest of the season holds. In one clip, Corinne is half-naked in a pool with our guy as the rest of the women look on. It's pretty obvious it's part of a date or something -- the man with the giant camera is a bit of a clue -- and now, we have a few more details about what was going on, thanks to a new clip from Monday's episode from People

In the clip, Corinne says, "My dad would be proud, even though I was naked." 

Oh, boy.

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We may have only just met the contestants last week, but so far, it seems like Corinne is definitely one to watch. She doesn't seem like the kind of chick who's going to let anyone get in her way -- and that's a tactic that doesn't usually work for Bach contestants in the long run.

There's plenty more drama to come besides Corinne's photo shoot, according to the clip above. And lots of it will have to do with Nick's previous relationship with Liz after meeting at Jade and Tanner's wedding last year. Whatever happens, it's going to be juicy -- and this is only week two! 

It may be too soon to tell, but this might be our favorite season of The Bachelor yet. We can't wait! 

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