Jenelle Evans Wins Another Major Court Battle Against Nathan Griffith


It's another major win in court for Jenelle Evans. The Teen Mom 2 star was in court again this week, and according to reports, Nathan Griffith has been ordered to supervised visitation only for their 2-year-old son Kaiser.


Earlier this week on the show, Jenelle was in court with Nate over another matter -- her assault case involving Jessica Henry. She was found not guilty of assaulting her ex's girlfriend after throwing a glass at her, and it looks like she got another win regarding custody of Kai.

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Jenelle won legal custody of the toddler last May, but as Nate's behavior has devolved over the past several months, a judge has now ordered supervised visitation, facilitated by his parents.

In December, Griffith was arrested for domestic violence against Henry for the second time in months, both times for allegedly choking her during a drunken argument. He was also put behind bars after being caught with an open alcohol container in a car.

Yeah, we're thinking the supervised visitation is a good idea in this case. Nate clearly has some issues he needs to work out, and Kai's safety is the most important thing here. 

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It's a major win for Jenelle in regard to her older son Jace, too, as she's still involved in a custody battle over him with her own mother, Barbara Evans. Babs has had custody of the 7-year-old since infancy, when Jenelle was a partying teen who wasn't interested in being a mom. Now that Jenelle is in a stable relationship with David Eason and expecting her third child in a matter of weeks, she's likely more eager than ever to have that case settled as well.

Jenelle's come a long way on her motherhood journey -- it's good to see the legal system recognize it. 

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