Chelsea DeBoer's Family Members Already Have Opinions About Her Baby-to-Be

Chelsea Houska DeBoer and Cole

Since Chelsea DeBoer announced her pregnancy last year, we've been counting down the days until we get to meet her little one. And now that it's January, her February 14 due date is approaching quickly! But will the baby wait that long? Recently, Chelsea's family made predictions on when she'll go into labor, and if they're right, we could meet that baby even sooner! 


As In Touch Weekly pointed out, Chelsea's dad, Randy, tweeted that he expects her baby to be born on January 28, which is just weeks away -- mainly because he's hoping his future grandson will decide to conveniently make his big entrance during a weekend. Yep, that sounds like Papa Randy to us! 

And in response to Randy's tweet, Chelsea mentioned that Cole has also predicted that the baby will be born on the same day. What?! Freaky! 

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With a due date in early February, it definitely wouldn't be surprising if Chelsea's first son came a little bit early, especially since her firstborn, Aubree, was early. We are excited to meet him, but he totally calls the shots on when he arrives, despite the predictions. We just want him to get here healthy and happy!

Fingers crossed that Chelsea continues to keep us updated on Twitter and Instagram. We are dying to know more about her second baby (especially his name!) and even more excited to see photos of him once he's here! 

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