Jade Roper's Version of 'Bachelor' Drama Doesn't Make Nick Viall Look So Great


The first episode of Bachelor season 21 was full of twists and surprises (as it should be), but maybe the most fun drama of the night was the seemingly bad blood that cropped up between Nick Viall and Liz, a contestant with whom he apparently has a history. Liz and Nick hooked up at the wedding of two Bachelor Nation alums, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, and now Jade's speaking up about what went on between Nick and Liz on Monday's episode -- and her insight makes Nick look way more like a bad guy.


Entertainment Tonight cornered Jade about what happened on the Bachelor premiere, and Jade admitted she wasn't too pleased with how Nick handled the situation:

I've heard a little bit and I know the whole situation is awkward, but I'll say I'm a little disappointed. He could've gotten her number, too .... She really did have an interest in Nick and she went there to see if there was anything and I totally support her. She didn't really think about him till a couple months later. She tried to invite him to charity events, but he rejected [her invitations].

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So, what? Nick is the bad guy here? Jade is right, Nick could have reached out -- unless he was trying to respect Liz's wish to leave things as they were. But then if she really did ask him out afterward ... hmm. It's hard to tell. Liz was Jade's maid of honor, so obviously the two are close. Maybe Jade's just sticking up for her friend.

According to what we've been told so far, Liz is the one who wanted to stop their relationship at a one-night stand. But after she saw Nick on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, she decided he was relationship material, and she decided to surprise him by joining the Bachelor cast.

Their reunion wasn't as sweet as she thought it would be, though -- Nick questioned why she didn't ask Jade for his number and reach out before the show. The two got interrupted before she could answer, but Nick still gave her a rose and saved his questions for next week.

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With The Bachelor, there are always two versions of the truth: reality and what the producers want you to believe the reality is. It's possible they're twisting the Liz/Nick story line so Nick looks less douchey, but we're not totally convinced. Maybe Liz really is the bad guy here.

Either way, we want to find out ASAP. How long until next Monday, again?

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