Chelsea DeBoer Sets the Record Straight About Adam Lind's Outrageous Claims

Chelsea Houska DeBoer and Aubree

It wouldn't be Teen Mom without a little drama between the moms and their baby daddies, and now, we have a brand-new feud. This week, Chelsea DeBoer blasted Adam Lind for the claims he made against her in front of MTV cameras, and this mama isn't going down without a fight! 


If you caught the Teen Mom 2 premiere on Monday, you already know that Adam got pretty pissed while filming because the MTV cameras are always there to capture the adorable things Cole does for Aubree, but not around when Adam is spending time with his daughter. 

Why? According to Adam, Chelsea never tells the MTV crews when he and Aubree will be together, and he seemed convinced she was doing it on purpose to make him look bad. But now, Chels is telling her side of the story, and it sounds a bit different. As OK! magazine pointed out, Chelsea took to Twitter to set the record straight. 

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Chelsea does have a point. Just by watching the show, it seems like she and Adam are never in communication, so it makes sense that she wouldn't know his plans for Aubs even if she wanted to tell MTV what was up. All that's in her control is her life, and it's good to see her defend herself. 

Besides, the MTV crew members did have a good point -- Adam should inform them if he wants them to catch his daddy/daughter time with Aubree. Maybe this will have been a lesson for him? 

Either way, Aubree's really lucky to have two daddy figures in her life who love her. Isn't that what matters most? 

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