Amanda Stanton Breaks Her Silence on Her Split From Josh Murray


Well, Bachelor fans, it's official: Another Bachelor in Paradise couple bites the dust. After weeks of reports pointing to a split between Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, we finally get to stop wondering about their relationship status. Amanda has confirmed her breakup with Josh, and it sounds like it was for the best.


During an interview with E! News on Monday, Amanda revealed that she and Josh are over, although she didn't provide too many details -- or the reason for their split. We're dying to know what went wrong between them, but for now, we'll have to settle for what Amanda's willing to share.

She told the site: 

I think there's kind of been a lot of speculation about our relationship. We did break up and we didn't just come out with a statement. I didn't really know how to go about it -- it's kind of a weird thing, but we did break up. I think it's good to kind of clear the air because I think there's been so many questions and confusion about our relationship. We did decide to go our separate ways. It's for the best. 

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We're glad to have a final answer on where she and Josh stand, but we still have so many questions! Was everyone on Bachelor in Paradise right about Josh's bad qualities? Did he not get along with Amanda's daughters? What went wrong?! They were just recently so in love! We need answers! 

We may not get any information for a while, but Amanda did open up about one other thing: her future. According to this mom of two, her dating life will be put on the back burner for a while as she focuses on her kids and herself.  

She added: 

I'm just excited to focus on myself, focus on my kids and hopefully somewhere down the road I'll meet the right person. But, I'm not really going to go out and look for it right now. I'm just taking a break from dating for a little bit.

Sounds like a plan to us! Here's hoping Amanda's recovery from the breakup is quick and that her 2017 brings better luck than 2016 did. We know her girls will take good care of their mom! 

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