Everyone's Favorite Bad Boy Adam Lind Is Officially Back on 'Teen Mom 2'


Has there been a Teen Mom 2–sized hole in your life for far too long? The wait is over, because Jenelle Evans, Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer all returned for a new season of Teen Mom 2 on Monday night -- and it did not disappoint. 


At the end of last season, we weren't sure if Chelsea's ex Adam Lind would be back for filming, but as she predicted after he publicly quit on the reunion show with Dr. Drew, he was back. He was the same old Adam, of course, making things as difficult as possible. After keeping the crew waiting outside because he wasn't sure he wanted to film that day, he explained to producers that he was ticked that they filmed him missing Aubree's father-daughter dance last season.

He asked why they didn't show him doing other school events with his daughter, and seemed perplexed that it was his responsibility to tell MTV there was something worth filming going on. According to Adam, the folks at the network should just know. Or Chels should've told them. Or something. We're rolling our eyes at you, Lind!

Meanwhile, Chelsea got ready for her wedding with Cole DeBoer by having Aubs try on the cutest mini maid of honor dress. She made it into a girls' day, and while we got to see the inside of the bridal shop, we did not get to see Chels try on her wedding dress. She explained that she wanted to keep that part of her life private, and while we weep into our Wheaties over not being able to see it, we can't blame her.

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Jenelle Evans had some serious baby daddy problems this episode, as she finally went to court over the 2015 physical altercation with Jessica Henry, who was dating Nathan Griffith at the time. In case your memory needs refreshing, Jenelle admitted to accidentally throwing a drinking glass at Jess's head after allegedly being provoked, and Nate's lady refused to drop the charges.

Jenelle was found not guilty, which must have been a huge weight off her shoulders, especially since she was involved in custody battles with both her sons at the time. We couldn't help but wonder if she and Jess have bonded since this was filmed, since Nate has been charged twice since then of physically attacking and choking her.

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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin continued to put their marriage problems on hold as he was still deployed overseas, but it was pretty obvious that it was already over. The saddest moment had to be when Kail went to lunch with Jo Rivera and crew to celebrate Isaac's kindergarten graduation, and he cried over Javi not being there.

It's super sad to watch their divorce play out on screen, as the show is lagging several months behind in real time. The kids are obviously having a rough time with it, but hopefully they can figure out a way to coparent amicably as the season progresses.

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Leah Messer is nearly a year out of treatment, yet she nearly had a panic attack on camera. The twice-divorced mom of three couldn't find her car keys while already late to Ali and Aleeah's T-ball game, and she broke down in tears over the whole situation.

She managed to pull herself together and get to the game only a few minutes late, but she explained how stressful it was for her to have that happen on a filming day. Like many of her costars have complained about, she was worried that the public would only see that one incident and think that's who she is as a person.

It's okay, Leah, we all have those moments. Hopefully MTV catches all the good stuff this season too!

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