Farrah Abraham Shares Touching Tribute to Sophia's Late Father

Farrah Abraham
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People are often ripping on Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham for literally everything she says and does, but what folks often forget is that the 25-year-old is human just like the rest of us, and has been through her fair share of tremendous hardships. One of the things we love about Farrah is that she keeps the memory of her daughter's late father, Derek Underwood, alive and well in her household. And this week, on the anniversary of his death, she posted a sweet tribute to him and to others out there who have lost a loved one, particularly around the holidays as she did.


Farrah posted a video to her Instagram page in which she and her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, hold up a digital photo frame of Derek, who tragically died in a car accident before Sophia was born.

Farrah says in the vid: 

I know lots of you may have lost parents or loved ones around the holidays, and we lost Daddy Derek on December 28 in 2008, so we always love to do a cute video every year and sometimes we show it to you guys. And I think we're in such a good place and we just wanted to say congrats to everyone who's really hanging in there and working through the loss or bereavement and maybe a depression of some sort or sadness for a loved one.

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Check out the full tribute here:

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Fans of Teen Mom will recall that Farrah makes sure to keep Derek a part of her daughter's life by talking about him often, looking at photos, visiting his grave, and seeing Derek's family and relatives. Derek's death was such an enormous part of Farrah's life at such a young age and during such an intense and trying time, when she was a pregnant teen attempting to figure out and make sense of her new life. Teen Mom viewers have often seen Farrah break down in tears when the subject of Derek's death arises -- and it's truly heartbreaking to see every time.

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You may not always agree with all of Farrah Abraham's life choices, but it's important to remember where she comes from and that at the end of the day, she's a young single mom who has been through a lot of pain.

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