From Classics to Kids' Stuff, 19 Shows & Movies to Stream in January

Caroline Olney | Dec 30, 2016 TV
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January is a month for New Year's resolutions and working on being a better you, and we firmly believe all of that can be done with the help of your TV. You can A) watch something fun and relaxing for you (mind-improving or mind-numbing will do), or B) plop the kiddo in front of the TV and do something productive. Either way, you're gonna need something good to stream, and all the big services are cooperating this year -- Netflix, HBO Go (and Now), and Amazon Prime all have tons of new shows and movies, and we love them all.

Here are the 19 new additions to stream in January 2017 that we're most excited about. There's stuff for you and stuff for the fam -- and plenty to go around.

  • Happy Feet


    Happy Feet made a major splash when it was released in 2006, and we don't know how we forgot about it. But no longer -- Happy Feet is back in our lives for good (well, at least until Amazon Prime takes it down) and we plan on sharing this joy with every and anybody who didn't see it the first time around.

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Amazon Prime.

  • Caddyshack


    Caddyshack is a longtime favorite for a reason. It's crude, sure, but it's also really, really funny. Plus, we could never say no to 1980s-era Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. 

    When and where to watch: Caddyshack will be up on Netflix on January 1.

  • Nancy Drew


    In a way, we all grew up with Nancy Drew. If you didn't have the books, you maybe saw the old movies from the 1930s. If you missed those, you probably saw one of the many TV shows. Nancy Drew has been around, and the 2007 movie Nancy Drew with Emma Roberts as the titular star is the iteration that our kids will get to enjoy.

    When and where to watch: Netflix, starting January 1.

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  • Stardust


    Starring (get it? Starring? Watch the movie. You'll get it) Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and more, Stardust was easily one of our favorite rom-coms (rom-dram? Rom-fantasy adventure?) of the aughts. It was probably lost in one of our DVD purges of the past five years, but that doesn't matter now -- we'll reunite with Stardust soon.

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Amazon Prime.

  • Risky Business


    This year when we all dress up as Tom Cruise in his button-down shirt and socks from Risky Business, we'll have actually watched the movie first. Or, you know, had a recent refresher. Tom Cruise originally starred as Joel Goodson in 1983, but 2017 is the year he returns to us in streaming form.

    When and where to watch: Risky Business will be ready on New Year's Day -- check into HBO Now on January 1. 

  • The Parent Trap (1961)


    Before there was Lindsay Lohan, there was Hayley Mills. The Parent Trap from 1961 may not be the instant classic the 1998 version was, but it's still worth a watch -- not only because we love seeing the story in its original version, but also because it's really charming in its own right.

    Where to watch: January 1 on Netflix

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  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never


    Do we feel bad recommending Justin Bieber's 2011 documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never? No, we do not. Justin has grown up a lot since this movie was put out, but that hardly matters -- Never Say Never tells the story of how he made it to 2011 in the first place. It's a fun story full of some really good pop songs, and we love it. With no shame.

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Netflix.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road


    Mad Max: Fury Road was, without a doubt, one of the best movies of 2015. You don't have to be an action fan or a car fan or an anything fan to like Mad Max -- it's smart and entertaining and adrenaline-pumping and feminist as hell, and you'd be crazy not to watch it once it's up this year.

    When and where to watch: HBO Now on January 1.

  • E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial


    Everyone loves E.T. Everyone loves baby Drew Barrymore and her famous scream, and everyone loves adorable alien friends. But everyone will love it more when we can stream E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and share the joy of the classic 1982 movie with our kids.

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Netflix.

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  • Bee Movie


    With an extra goofy performance from Jerry Seinfeld, Bee Movie was a favorite for kids back into 2007 when it was originally released. It'll be a fun one to revisit in 2017 -- who doesn't love a classic coming of age story told through honey puns, after all?

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Netflix.

  • Maid In Manhattan


    If the fact that "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton plays in the trailer of Maid in Manhattan doesn't sell this movie for you, the fact that it stars 2002-era Jennifer Lopez really should. This movie is a classic, and we missed it. We're so glad to get it back.

    When and where to watch: January 1 on Amazon Prime.

  • Horton Hears a Who!


    Everyone knows Dr. Suess teaches essential lessons, and everyone knows those lessons are more fun to learn when Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, and Amy Poehler are the ones telling them. 2008's Horton Hears a Who! is a good one, and you're gonna want to rewatch it ASAP. 

    When and where to watch: January 1 on HBO Now.

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  • She's All That


    She's All That is -- and always will be -- one of the most classic rom-coms of all time. It has high schoolers who look like they could be 30, it has ill-fated bets, it has a climactic prom scene. It has everything a rom-com needs, and pretty soon we'll be able to stream it as much as our little hearts please.

    When and where to watch: Amazon Prime. January 3.

  • One Day at a Time


    The '70s and '80s were the heyday for American sitcoms, and a lot of good stuff came out of that era -- including One Day at a Time, a sitcom about a single mom figuring out how raising two teens. The Netflix reboot of the classic show tells the same story, but this time, it's a Cuban-American family and a former military mom. One Day at a Time (2017) scored ex–How I Met Your Mother and Everybody Loves Raymond writers and producers, so we're pretty sure it'll be a hit.

    When and where to watch: January 6 on Netflix.

  • Coin Heist


    Coin Heist is Netflix's most recent foray into filmmaking, and we gotta say, we're kind of excited. Based on a YA book, it promises to be another story of a ragtag group of teens -- "the hacker, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student," according to Netflix -- but this time, they're thieves for a good cause. (Yeah, we're getting Breakfast Club vibes, too.)

    When and where to watch: January 6 on Netflix.

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  • Tarzan & Jane


    Netflix's new Tarzan and Jane is going to look a little different than you're used to -- it's animated like the original Disney movie, but it's going be set in modern-day London, where straight-from-the-jungle Tarzan is going to boarding school. That's where he meets Jane, and the two teens tackle environmental justice, crime, and mysteries. 

    When and where to watch: The eight episodes of the first season will be available on Netflix starting January 6.

  • Sesame Street -- Season 47


    Sesame Street is back for the premiere of its 47th season this year. The gang will be up to its usual antics -- there will be singing, dancing, and learning, all with a solid cast of celebrity guests. 

    When and where to watch: Starting January 7 on HBO Now.

  • We're Lalaloopsy


    We're Lalaloopsy is a Netflix original series about the Lalaloopsies, a gang of girls who started out on Nickelodeon, then headed to Nick Jr. before finally being picked up by Netflix. The new series was originally scheduled to be released fall 2016, but it was delayed until 2017. Obviously, this is one for kids -- the Lalaloopsies go on adventures and learn Important Lessons that kids can learn, too.

    When and where to watch: January 10 on Netflix.

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events


    To say we're excited for the release of the new A Series of Unfortunate Events is a major, major understatement. The original books are smart and sharp and dark and mysterious and still among our favorites (for us and our kids), and Netflix's adaptation promises to do them justice. 

    When and where to watch: Netflix. January 13. Be there.

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