Jenelle Evans Loses It in Court in New 'Teen Mom 2' Clip


We're just days away from a brand-new season of Teen Mom 2, and what would the show be without a Jenelle Evans court date or two? In a new clip from Monday's episode, Jenelle breaks down in front of a judge while in court for her assault on Jessica Henry, and it's clear it was a pretty difficult experience for her.


In case your memory is a little fuzzy, last year, Jenelle was arrested for throwing a glass at Jessica's head during an argument with Nathan Griffith. (Jessica was dating Nathan at the time.) When Jenelle went to court earlier this year, she was found not guilty, and now, we get to see exactly what went down. 

Here's the clip: 

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In the clip, Jenelle tells the story of what happened, in her own words. According to Jenelle, she wanted to throw water in Jessica's face and accidentally threw the glass, too. And while she's talking, she breaks down in tears, which we can definitely sympathize with, since this had to have been a really stressful situation for her. 

This seems to be the tip of the iceberg where this case is concerned, though, so hopefully those MTV cameras caught the rest of the drama for us, too. We're interested to see how the verdict was reached -- and everything else that's been going on in Jenelle's life over the past few months.

It may be playing out on Teen Mom 2 now, but it's a good thing she's past it in real time. With baby Ensley about to arrive, Jenelle has to be getting pretty busy! 

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