Kailyn Lowry May Have Just Introduced Us to Her New Man


Now that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are officially divorced, we've been dying to see what's in their romantic futures, and it looks like Kail's has now become a little more clear! This week, Kail showed off her new man on Snapchat -- at least, we think she did. 


On Tuesday, Kail shared a snap of her looking pretty cozy with a dude who was unfortunately hiding most of his face. We don't know anything about him (yet, anyway) or whether or not he and Kail are actually dating, even though they did look pretty close in that pic. She has a lot of male friends, right?! 

But when a fan asked Kail about her new man on Twitter, she did kind of confirm it -- if you can count emojis as confirmation, anyway. 

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But being that the rumors that Kail's in a new relationship have been all over the place lately, it seems like this guy could be the one she's dating. She's been a bit more private with her dating life post-Javi, though, so it could be a while before we know for sure -- or before she shows him off again. 

Whoever she chooses, we just hope he makes her happy... and that he's good to Isaac and Lincoln. Those two kids are so sweet that they deserve the world! And after everything Kailyn has been through and how stressful her divorce must have been, this could be really good for her.

Kail, please spill the beans soon. We're dying for details! 

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