Farrah Abraham Breaks the Internet With Sophia's Outrageous Christmas Gift


Sophia Abraham

Another holiday, another excuse for Farrah Abraham to get her daughter, Sophia, an outrageous gift, right? And this year, the Teen Mom OG star completely outdid herself ... once again causing a social media uproar in the process! Yep, Farrah got Sophia a pony for Christmas, and basically broke the Internet after showing it off on Instagram.


It was a pretty short video, but it was enough to send her fans reeling, and once again, Farrah's under major criticism for gifting Sophia with a live animal that comes with so much responsibility. 

This is what #starburst has to say ð�¦ï¿½ð���ð��´ #miniaturehorse life @sophialabraham

A video posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

In the comments on the video, her followers are predicting that the pony will end up being sold or returned when Sophia gets sick of it, which could very well be true, but maybe (hopefully) the opposite will happen. And it had to make for a pretty awesome Christmas morning, right? Who hasn't wished for a pony?!

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Farrah also took the opportunity to show off Sophia's many other gifts -- all of them expensive and probably better than anything the rest of us got for Christmas. Her presents included a hot pink golf cart, rainbow colored roses, and even a jacuzzi, but we have a feeling that was also a gift for her mom, too. 

Yep, it's official: Sophia had the best Christmas ever. Next time, we're spending Christmas Eve at Farrah's house in hopes that Santa treats us right, too. Maybe Sophia will be willing to share?

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