Farrah Abraham Points a Finger at MTV Over Valerie Fairman's Death


After news broke this week that Sixteen and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman passed away from an apparent drug overdose, other stars from the Teen Mom franchise took to the social media to express their condolences. Except for Farrah Abraham, who blamed MTV for Valerie's death.


Farrah started out innocently enough on social media, posting a photo of the news about Valerie, along with a lengthy caption about feeling "so heartfelt with sadness of the struggles Valerie was going through."

She added, "I deeply am saddened by this tragedy and I wish that others around Valerie could have helped her and I pray nothing but protection, love and peace to her daughter through this very confusing holiday time ... Only 23 we lost a very beautiful young mom with the world ahead of her. Surround yourself with other who will truly care and be a great influence be careful."

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A bit incoherent in a very-Farrah way, but we'd expect nothing less. She cranked up the WTF-factor in an interview with TMZ, however, and we can't get over what she said.

When asked by the gossip site on Friday if she believed that Valerie's reality star status contributed to her drug abuse, Sophia's mom answered, "I think that played a part. From jail to drug addiction to whatever else that was said, I really wish she was supported in a better way."

She continued to run her mouth, seemingly bashing MTV for even putting Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom on the air. She confessed, "I honestly feel like it’s not a positive thing. I don’t think it helps the economy further. It really adds a lot of more unplanned pregnancies and a lot of failed relationships, and that's not really what we're trying to show. And it's not really done in a positive, effective way that I think we all started out doing."

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Actually, the Teen Mom franchise has been credited multiple times in recent years to contributing to the dramatic decline in teen pregnancies in America. And we hate to break it to Farrah, but her failed relationships are her own fault, not MTV's.

Then again, Farrah's never exactly been one to live in the same reality as the rest of us.

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