Chelsea DeBoer Shares a New Bare Baby Bump Pic With Fans

Since Chelsea DeBoer first announced that she's expecting her second baby, we've been thrilled to follow along with every update she's given us. And now, her latest bump photo proves that it won't be long before her first son arrives! Chelsea shared a pic her bare baby bump, and we still think she's the cutest pregnant person ever! 


 In her caption, she calls herself "large and in charge," which is kind of hilarious, and even though the photo was meant to show how huge her bump is, we have to admit her excitement is pretty adorable.

Since she made her pregnancy public, it's pretty obvious that Chelsea has been thrilled to talk about her new baby at every opportunity. We only hope that this behavior continues after he's born, because we are dying for photos of her new addition. We can't wait to see what he looks like!

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And fortunately, the wait is almost over. Chels is due early this spring, so it won't be long before we get those photos! After seeing how awesome she was with Aubree when she was a baby, we know this baby is pretty lucky to have her as a mom -- and it will be awesome to see Cole deal with a newborn for the first time ever! 

Keep updating us, Chelsea! We love every bit of info we can get! 

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