Details Leading Up to '16 & Pregnant' Star's Death Are Heartbreaking


Absolutely heartbreaking. Sixteen and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman passed away from an alleged drug overdose this week, and according to her loved ones, addiction was a battle she tried to fight right to the end.


Valerie's ex-boyfriend David Pryce opened up in an interview with Us Weekly about her, and said, "I wish that I could have done more for her, that's basically how I feel. She was trying so hard ... It's a lifelong problem."

Valerie's body was found on Wednesday at a friend's house in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. She was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor after the friend broke the door down when she became worried about her.

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Pryce, who dated Valerie for nine months three years ago, doesn't want people to remember her this way. "People don’t know how she really was," he lamented. "She was very loving. She was very insecure. She always wanted to go places with me and just kind of hang out. Always wanted to be near me. She was a very, very good woman. She would just talk. She was very, very intelligent, which surprised me that she would end up like that."

Back in 2015, Pryce told The Ashley, "She wants to get better. She was always a really good girl. But she's been on dope forever. It's turned her into a monster." She was in rehab at least three times for her addiction over the years, but eventually turned to prostitution to support her habit.

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Fairman's 7-year-old daughter Nevaeh is currently being cared for by her grandmother. She reportedly has a good relationship with her father, Matthew, but it's unclear if he will go for full custody.

This is just a horrific situation however you look at it. Our thoughts are with the family, and especially little Nevaeh. No child should have to endure the loss of a parent.

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