Farrah Abraham Lets Sophia Wear Lipstick & Fans Totally Freak Out


Lately, it doesn't seem like a day goes by that Farrah Abraham's followers aren't calling her out for something she's done on social media, and this time, their claims against her are a little ridiculous. Farrah is being criticized for letting Sophia wear lipstick -- again. 


This is just one of the many times Farrah's fans have criticized her for letting Sophia wear makeup, including the time Sophia showed up with a full face for her school photos. She is wearing dark plum colored lips in photos her mom shared on Instagram on Wednesday, what one commenter calls an "unnecessary amount of makeup." 

According to Farrah, this photo was taken while she and Sophia were out shopping (at Sophia's own boutique, might we add) so that she could show her mom what she wants for Christmas. And apparently, she got a little glitzed up for the big day.

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Worst of all? The comments aren't just about Farrah -- they're about Sophia's appearance too. We hate when any kid gets picked on via social media, especially because of a photo one of their parents chose to post, and it's pretty unfair for Farrah's followers to say rude things about a little girl like that.

And as far as Farrah's choice to let Soph sport some lip color? Eh, we'll let this one slide. Plenty of little girls like to play with makeup, so what's the harm in letting her wear it? Pick your battles, people! We don't think this is one of them, though.

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