Amanda Stanton's Ex Reacts to Her Split From Josh Murray


The Amanda Stanton/Josh Murray breakup rumors have been ramping pretty much since they left Bachelor in Paradise together, and last weekend, they were all but confirmed. We've all been so obsessed with talking about how much we totally saw this coming and making jokes about how much pizza Josh must be eating right now that we forgot about one key player in all of this: Nick Buonfiglio, Amanda's ex and the father of her two kids. But Nick hasn't forgotten about us, and he was pretty quick to speak to the press about his thoughts on all this. And guess what: He's pleased as punch.


Or, to use his words, "Thank God."

Nick told Us Weekly that he was really happy that Josh wouldn't be spending any more time with his daughters. His statement was short ("Thank God he's gone from them!") but really right to the point -- clearly, he was not a fan of Josh or the relationship he had with Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 2.

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I will always love this precious little angel â�¤ï¸ï¿½

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Though Nick and Amanda finalized their divorce in 2015, they have a custody arrangement that allows Nick to be involved in his daughters' lives. But apparently, that's not enough for him -- in September, Nick filed for even more custody over his kids, and we have to wonder if jealousy of Josh's new relationship with the girls was a factor.

At the time, he told Us Weekly that "The only reason I am taking her to court is because I want more time with my kids, which I've been getting, but it needs to be court-documented."

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Hmmm, okay, buddy. We're not sure about that, but we totally understand his concern for the girls -- they're losing Josh not long after he became a figure in their lives, and it must be a hard time for them, too. 

Hopefully, Amanda will be able to explain to them what's going on, and they'll still get to see Josh sometimes -- even if he doesn't have a court at his back.

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