Nathan Griffith Thinks He's a Better Parent Than Jenelle Evans


Talk about delusional! Nathan Griffith just claimed he's a better parent than Jenelle Evans, and our eyes are rolling so hard we can see our own brains. The fact that he made the claim after spending time in jail last week makes it even funnier, don't you think?


The Teen Mom 2 stars are in an ongoing custody battle over their 2-year-old son Kaiser, so obviously Nate is going to try and do what he can to make his ex-fiancé look bad. You know, like a responsible, mature adult. LOL.

Anyway, Nathan did an interview with Real Mr. Housewife, and claimed that Jenelle isn't providing a good enough home environment for their toddler son. He said that Kai "needs a good, loving environment like I can provide him instead of him being 2 and a half years old already getting stuck in pre-school."

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"Jenelle doesn't work," he ranted. "How about she take him to the park? You see all the pictures I constantly post with him. I have a blast with him." Because all court decisions over custody of a child should be made over who posts more pictures of them to social media. Naturally.

He also complained that Kai spends a ton of time with Jenelle's boyfriend David Eason's mom, but she still wants to harp on about he time he ditched Kai with his own mom so that he could spend time with his own girlfriend. Newsflash to Nate -- of course Jenelle has to have family help out, because she has nearly full custody. When you have a very limited amount of time to see your very young child, you don't pawn them off on your mom to take a romantic getaway with your paramour of the moment. Just saying.

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Anyway, Nate also pointed out that Eason is a convicted felon who was sentenced to jail for 60 days. He didn't feel the need to point out that he's been arrested twice in the past four months for choking his girlfriend.

Jenelle isn't necessarily the best parent in the world -- she's definitely made her mistakes -- but she seems to have her crap mostly together these days. Nate on the other hand, is still out getting himself arrested for assault on a regular basis.

Yeah, we're pretty sure that Kaiser is much better off with Jenelle.

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