Corey Simms Opens Up About Plans to Expand His Family


From what we've seen on Teen Mom 2, it seems like Corey Simms is a pretty good dad, and it's obvious he loves his daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Remington. But is his family getting even bigger? Recently, Corey revealed he wants to have more kids, so these girls may have a new little sibling sooner rather than later! 


During the latest Teen Mom special, Weekend At Corey's, Corey admitted that he's definitely thinking about expanding his family, but it doesn't sound like he and wife Miranda are planning on doing it anytime soon.  

According to In Touch, he said, "I'd like to later, but I don't know." So he's not committing to anything just yet, but the idea is out there! And although he has three daughters, Remi is his first with Miranda, so it seems likely they might want more down the line.

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Plus, with Remi as cute as she is, it seems like it would be unfair to the world to deprive us of another baby who looks just like her! Maybe next time, Corey will have a son? Or maybe his gaggle of girls will just get bigger. Either way, we're looking forward to finding out what's next for him.

Corey's clearly got this dad thing down, which is obvious after seeing how he relates to his girls and even figures out the tough stuff, like custody battles with his ex, Leah Messer. If he wants more kids, we say go for it! Any baby would be lucky to have Corey as their dad! 

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