Nathan Griffith Accuses Jessica Henry of Kicking Him So Hard He Bled


Nathan Griffith has been in all kinds of trouble lately, but we had no idea it could get this ... graphic? Following the Teen Mom 2 star's recent arrest, Nathan is opening up about his fight with Jessica, and apparently it included a kick to the penis so hard she made him bleed. Yeah, um, we're just as confused as you are. 


As Starcasm pointed out, the truth came out on a post on Facebook, where Nathan's brother tried defending him. As you can imagine, it doesn't seem like it took too long for Nathan to pipe up with his side of the story, and boy did he air out all his laundry right there on social media. 

As Nathan tells it, things between them often got violent, and this particular incident happened after they got into a fight during a run they were on together.

According to the site, Nathan wrote: 

[Jessica] kicked me in the privates and caused my penis to bleed because we were on a run and I thought she was following me and she said I didn’t look back to make sure she was ok before crossing.


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Nathan also added the story of a time when she supposedly "beat the living heck" out of him because he was hanging out with a girl named Mariah. Yeah, that doesn't sound good at all. 

It's hard to say what really happened here, but violence in a relationship is never okay, no matter who it's coming from. Hopefully, this situation gets sorted soon. But regardless, it definitely doesn't sound like his relationshp with Jessica was a healthy one, so maybe it's for the best that it seems to be over now. 

Here's hoping Nathan makes better choices in the future. Kaiser needs him! 

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