New 'Bachelor' Spinoff Starring 2 Cast Favorites Is Reportedly in the Works


Miss seeing the twins from Ben Higgins's season of The Bachelor on your TV every week? You're in luck, because they could be making a return! Thanks to a new report, it seems an Emily and Haley Ferguson spinoff is in the works


According to what a source close to the project tells Us Weekly, Emily and Haley are set to have a reality show on their own to air on Freeform, just like Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. Reportedly, the show will center on their lives in their home of Las Vegas, giving us a peek into what it's like to be the former Bachelor contestants.

Of course, don't get too excited -- the show isn't a done deal yet, but the report definitely makes it sound like it's close. And our fingers are crossed, because let's face it: The twins were the most entertaining part of Ben and Lauren's show. Why shouldn't they have their own?! 

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There's no more information about the show or when it would possibly air just yet, but we're hoping more news is on its way! We love the idea of Emily and Haley getting their own show, since they're hilarious and naturals on camera. Just seeing them on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise wasn't enough! 

If you need us, we'll be here, waiting to hear that this show is a go. With Nick Viall as Bachelor and Emily and Haley on TV again, all our Bach Nation dreams are coming true! 

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