Chelsea DeBoer Worries About Aubree's Safety Around Adam Lind


Break our hearts already! Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer recently revealed that she still doesn't trust Adam Lind completely when it comes to Aubree's safety and well being, and we can't exactly say we blame her.


It's a good thing that Aubree has Cole DeBoer for a stepdad, because apparently, she's not getting a good role model for a father in her own bio dad. Adam Lind definitely has a history (he's been arrested dozens of times), but sadly it doesn't look like he's working on changing his nefarious ways anytime soon.

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In an interview with Radar Online, Chels explained that Adam's visits with his 7-year-old daughter are still supervised by his parents, a fact that gives her "peace of mind." She said that she still doesn't trust him though. She revealed, "I don’t know if he makes the best choices. It definitely is scary as a mom."

Thankfully she has an ally in Taylor Halbur, who also has a daughter with Lind. The mom of 3-year-old Paislee keeps Chelsea up to date on any of their mutual ex's questionable activities. Chels said, "I don't have mutual friends with Adam, I don't know anything that he does ... Taylor has mutual friends so whenever she hears something that might be important for me to know it's nice because we’re able to communicate and look out for both of the girls."

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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anything is going to change in the hear future. "He doesn't put any effort or doesn't make any moves towards that. It hasn't changed," she lamented.

Thankfully Aubs has Cole to step up to the plate these days. Remember when Adam ditched her father-daughter dance at school? Cole was more than happy to dance the night away with his little cutie. Adam is seriously missing out -- and it looks like it's totally his own fault.

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