Amber Portwood Might Not Quit 'Teen Mom OG' After All


She's back before she even left! Amber Portwood may not be quitting Teen Mom OG after all, even though she dramatically announced last week that she was leaving the franchise for "lack of respect."


After Ambs got into a physical altercation on set at the reunion show with co-star Farrah Abraham, it seems as though she was was upset at the way MTV edited the footage for TV. It looked like the confrontation was pretty provoked, considering that Farrah did laugh about calling Matt Baier a "pedophile," but Amber insisted that there was more to the fight, especially once Matt and Michael Abraham got involved. 

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Anyway. Leah's mom dramatically announced via social media last week that she was done with filming for the show, saying, "I'll be leaving #teenmomog sadly ... The lack of respect is too much anymore!"

She seems to have moved on from that sentiment however, if a recent tweet is any indication. Over the weekend, Amber posted that she may finally be getting the respect she feels she deserves from MTV.

It looks like Farrah Abraham called it -- after Ambs said she was quitting the show, the troublemaker declared that "none of the girls will quit." The controversial star reasoned, "They like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit."

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She also added, "I get that Amber is embarrassed of her actions but she flip-flops all the time. She will be right back to filming ... This is so dramatic: she could quit and not make it public if she was truly done."

We really hate when Farrah is right, but it looks like we're going to have to give this one to her. Either way, the show wouldn't be the same without Amber, so we're glad she's still on board!

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