Farrah Abraham Accused of Being Racist Because of a Holiday Photo


There are few celebrities we can think of who receive more hate on Instagram than Farrah Abraham, and now, there's a new incident to add to the list. This time, Farrah was accused of being racist, and it's all because of a seemingly innocent post. 


On Monday, she took to Instagram to show off a post she'd originally shared on Snapchat of two elf dolls. One was using the deer filter, while the other had a smile emoji over his face. And because of the elf's dark hair, fans are assuming that Farrah covered up the elf because he is black --  and the comments are vicious. 

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One of her followers simply toldher to "go to hell," while others went on much longer diatribes, and many of them even ended up getting into fights with each other! So far, Farrah has yet to even respond to the accusations, and just looking at the comments it's easy to see it's already gotten totally out of hand.

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And of course, there's no way to tell the race of the elf, especially since all we can see is his hair. If Farrah is being racist, that's not cool. And if she isn't? Well, it may not hurt for her to share a quick disclaimer, if for no other reason than to get her followers to stop fighting with each other! 

We want to believe that Farrah's better than blatant racism, so hopefully, this is all just a misunderstanding. Um, Farrah? Your move, girl. 

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