Nathan Griffith Gives Bizarre Explanation for His Latest Arrest


It wasn't exactly shocking news to hear that Nathan Griffith was arrested again -- after all, we've witnessed it happen a time or two while he was dating Jenelle EvansBut the details have been a little fuzzy, until now. Nathan explained why he got arrested, and the reason is a doozy. 


Nathan spilled everything in an interview with Real Mr. Housewife last week, and it's a lot of drama. Originally, a warrant was out for his arrest for domestic violence towards girlfriend Jessica Henry, and he was later arrested on two separate charges. As Nathan tells it, the incident with Jessica happened after she got too close to a guy at a sports bar and the situation escalated when he went to her house afterwards to talk about it. Later, he found out about the warrant, and it sounds like it all snowballed from there. 

Nathan told the site: 

She constantly -- when she knows I give up or don't want to be with her, that’s when she acts crazy and psychotic. It's really, really unfair to me. Once I found out I had a warrant, I think I heard from hearsay that Myrtle Beach put me on the wanted list. My warrant wasn't even out less than 12 hours ... It shouldn't have been any charge. It's just ridiculous.

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And then, when cops finally showed up, Nathan told them they couldn't search him, but they did in order to get his ID, and that led to his arrest. He added: 

Cops treat me really dirty. They pinned me with the most severe charges they can because of my reputation. I'm not worried about the charges as Jessie had no marks on her. No throat marks. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with her. It's just costing me a lot of money and it's stressful. 

Yep, that sounds like a really messy situation -- and it sounds like nothing has changed in Nathan's world since we last caught up with him on Teen Mom

Hopefully, he gets this all sorted out sooner rather than later. We want to believe the best in him for Kaiser, but this incident isn't exactly making him look good! We're glad Jenelle has moved on from him for good -- for herself and for their son. 

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