Nick Viall Reveals the Truth About That Nasty Jen Saviano Rumor


Remember when Nick Viall was, like, so in love with Jen Saviano on Bachelor in Paradise? And then they abruptly ended things probably right around the time Nick was likely considering snatching up the Bachelor gig? Right, well, a lot of people assumed those two things were connected. But Nick finally addressed the rumors that he and Jen broke up so he could grab some fame on The Bachelor and was basically like, "nope, definitely not, no way." 


You think we're joking, but the words he used were not that far off. Here's what he told Us Weekly and other outlets on a conference call:

No, none of that was remotely true.

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Welp. That's it, we guess. 

Of course Nick would deny the rumors -- after all, if he really did dump a girl just so he could date 30 other women, that would make him a jerk.

For a while there, we were really sure he and Jen were the real deal. Nick seemed absolutely thrilled when Jen joined the cast of Paradise, and they hit it off pretty much right away. They were totally attached to each other, then Nick goes and tells her that he "just doesn't think she's the one."

But there's more. Fellow Paradise alum Lauren Himle went on a radio show after the season ended and said, "... it was my understanding that they were still seeing each other after the show completed."

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If that's true, it would likely mean the two broke up just a week before Nick's big Bachelor news broke. And that'd likely mean Nick dumped Jen to be the Bachelor.

Of course, we don't know anything for sure. Nick definitely isn't going to be the most impartial here, but his face is just so cute we'll give him a chance and believe him. 

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