Nick Viall Almost Walked Away From Being 'The Bachelor'


It's no big secret that Nick Viall doesn't have the best luck on the Bachelor franchise -- we mean, two failed Bachelorette attempts and one bad Bachelor in Paradise experience will get a guy down. But even knowing that, we kind of figured he'd jump on the chance to be the Bachelor, if only for the money and the fame. Apparently, though, he wasn't as eager as we thought he'd be -- Nick told the New York Post that he didn't immediately say yes to the Bachelor gigAnd he explained why.


To be totally honestly, we can't blame him for hesitating -- it's what we'd do, too (probably) -- especially after hearing his surprisingly sound reasoning:

It's a huge responsibility and it's obviously an incredible opportunity, but a lot goes into it and there are no guarantees .... I'm not someone who tends to look back; I try to look forward. I've always been willing to put myself out there and be vulnerable .... I'm very lucky for the opportunity, very thankful that I was given it, and certainly have no regrets.

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He's right about the no guarantees, thing -- only a handful of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples are still together, and some of the stars don't even finish the season with a temporary partner, let alone an engagement they're actually happy with long-term. The formula seems to have worked for a few couples, but it's by no means a definite.

But there's also the other factors to consider: Being the Bachelor gets you a lot of fame, a lot of money, and a lot of prestige in the reality TV world. It's not everything (i.e., it's not ~love~), but we're thinking it's all that good stuff -- plus the potential for a relationship -- that sold Nick in the end.

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Either way, we're glad he said yes. We're looking forward to seeing him back on our TVs, and we know a lot of Bachelor Nation is, too.

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